Marcus Wyche

Hello World Again


Welcome to my blog, my first entry will be a story of my blog journey thus far. In 2015, I had a blog on Wordpress I wanted a blog in order to combine my professional skills with my life long passion for sports. The initial iteration of the blog was hosted on wordpress it worked fine but eventually I started wanting more plugins, functionality & control than the functionality that was natively supported on at the time. Being an inquisitve Software Engineer(SWE) I decided to go my own way and host the Wordpress site on my own machine. This lead to me spinning up resources on Digital Ocean having to worry about managing the backend DB for Wordpress etc... . Things were fine here for a while, I wrote a good amount of blog posts actually from 2015 to 2017, which at some point I will try to recover. Having that space of my own really helped me to grow as SWE and gave me my own space to share the things I found interesting.

So what happened why'd you stop writing as much and working on your craft on your own time. Well life happened I was immensely blessed with a beautiful fiance now wife, two amazing kids, the wonderful opportunity to work full time as a SWE with Phillies R&D and the ability to rejoin my amazing company Synergist Computing after a couple years away. With all that going on between late 2017 to 2022 I just didn't find myself having as much motivation or time to code as much outside of work. This and my MySQL DB for Wordpress crashing at various times I decided I wanted to host my blog on a different stack and took my old blog down in late 2018 or early 2019.

Well it's now 2022 and I'm finally getting back to it, my goals this year is to get my blog/website back up and running. I miss having my own space to combine my passion for sports and tech. Not just that though this is my place to hone my skills and an outlet for thoughts and ideas that may pop into my head that I deem worth writing about. What better way to start chasing this dream again than Martin Luther King Day. I have a dream and I'm looking forward to pursuing it 2022 and beyond.

Welcome back to my blog!